90 Day Dare

Want to know how the 90 Day Dare tithe challenge is working out for Cypress Pointers?  Check out the most recent stories!

I should share that business was down in the last 6 months and since increasing my tithing, I have had 3 new listings, two current listings go to contract, and several new prospective

buyers (two that resurfaced, and three new ones). That's a lot of new business! It's really amazing! 

We increased our tithing in December, today an unexpected check came in the mail. It's double what we increased our tithing! God is good...obedience one small step at a time.

After listening to message decided to tithe 10 % of my salary “reluctantly”. In January of this year the fruits of my tithing started to appear. First I received a pay raise after 4 years of not getting one. Then in February of this year I received a letter from my town tax office stating they had a check from escrow they had been holding since 2009 and a week later I received a check amounting to $2,000 that I never knew anything about. Then I received $6,000 back in Federal Tax refund after the previous year I had to pay them. Oh and it gets better; April my Boss calls me in his office and presented me with a Merit award certificate for outstanding work and a bonus check for $850.00. Crazy!! But blessed indeed, since my first 90 day offering an unexpected check for overpayment of a loan for $160 showed up in the mail the next day.

Gods Blessings & greetings to you & our church. We tithe and I can testify every year the Blessings rain down on us. Even since accepting the tithe challenge our family has been blessed with good tidings. First we received an escrow check. Next the IRS notified us that we needed to pay thousands in back taxes we miscalculated. After we sent in the necessary documents they realized it was only hundreds of dollars. To top it all off we all have been assigned extra hours on our jobs. God is so good. Amen. Thank you Pastor Dean.